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Thread: timezone setting in PDI-CE-5.3

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    Default timezone setting in PDI-CE-6.0


    I am facing issue with timezone settings while retrieving data from Source. my target DB exist on my local machine, when i check timezone for both Source and Target using query : getting different result and i was mentioned "-Duser.timezone=UTC" (set OPT in spoon.bat (pdi-ce-6.0)) even though i am not able to retrieve data because of time mismatch.

    as per my observation there is change for spoon.bat in 5.3 and spoon.bat in 6.0 version. i can say 100% woked in 5.3 edition but not able to 6.0 version.

    Please suggest me how to set Source database timezone in my PDI-CE-6.0 spoon.bat file ??

    for Source(i.e. Amazon cloud):- Name:  mdc.png
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Size:  2.0 KB for Target(i.e. Local machine):- Name:  idc.png
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    I have got same issue but issue is not from PDI side , There are so many reasons you need to check, few times JVM cache issues will create problem for your scenarios.

    Soultion as per my observation is : whenever you are using different PDI versions in your machine you need to restart your machine once you added "-Duser.timezone=UTC" in spoon.bat file.

    Please let me know if someone else know better suggestions.

    Thank you

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    Thank you very much it worked for me when I restarted the machine.

    Not able to digest for this. seems to be we need to restart the machine daily twice or thrice. anyhow thank you for your quick update.

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