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Thread: how to break out of the row processing main loop

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    Question how to break out of the row processing main loop

    Hello everyone. Apologies if this is the wrong forum, or a dumb/obvious question, but I'm not having much luck with google, so I thought I'd ask here.

    I'm using BMC's "AtriumIntegrator" product, which as far as I can tell is just Spoon/Kettle duct taped onto their Remedy product. But anyhow ... I need to create a transformation that will suck some data out of some tables, and generate a set of CSV spreadsheets, then send them as attachments on an email message.

    So I need a transformation that can do something like:

    1) query
    2) text file output (write csv file to directory on server)
    3) ??? do something only once that handles the output file of step #2

    step #3 could be a direct email action (though I don't see that option in the "palette"), or it could be a step that mime-encodes the output file from step #2 and inserts it into a database table (AROutput, which will trigger workflow on the remedy server that sends the email).

    Either way, I can't seem to break out of the "data stream" paradigm (a main loop that is processing rows). I don't need to process rows anymore. I'm done doing that. Now I need to perform an action just once that handles the result of processing the rows.

    Again, I'm sorry if this is a dumb / obvious question. If someone can just point me in the general direction of the answer I can take it from there I think.

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    LOL, pulled the trigger on starting a thread too soon.
    Just answered my own question (sort of):

    so that's how I can trigger steps after a previous set of rows has been processed.
    now just to figure out how to deal with this output file ...

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    Blocking Step is not quite what you want.

    You've just discovered the use-case for Jobs

    So what you want is a Job:

    Start (This is a Job Step!)
    - Transformation
    - - Query ARS
    - - Text File Output
    - Mail Step (Job Step, allows sending of files)

    Jobs allow you to have "Stage" management ... The mail step won't start until the transformation step is done.
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