Hello Community,

I'm currently running a Python script, that is doing the following for me:

Table 1 # Computer Assets and OS-Ver
Table 2 # Hot-Fix installed

Phase 1:
Get unique OS-Ver_Family from Assets
Foreach OS-Ver_Family
- Create table OS-Ver_Family: AssetID not null
- Get unique Hot-Fix_Name from Hot-Fix where Assets.OS-Ver-Family
-- Foreach Hot-Fix_Name
--- Add column Hot-Fix_Name to table OS-Ver_Family: default false

Phase 2:
Foreach OS-Ver_Family
- Get Assets, insert AssetID into OS-Ver_Family
- Get Hot-Fix_Name where AssetID
- Foreach Hot-Fix_Name
-- Update Hot-fix_Name = true in OS-Ver_Family

As a result, I've a table for each OS Version, telling me all possible hot-fixes installed and if the hot-fix itself is installed on a specific asset.

How can I do the same, using PDI?

Any help. highly appreciated.