Dear developers,

I have error from sqoop import from postgres database to hive table in hadoop.

When i use hadoop sqoop import manual via hue, I have this sqoop import script:
import --connect jdbcostgresql://ipaddress:5432/database --username=postgres --password=xxxxxx --table some_table --target-dir /user/someuser/folder --fields-terminated-by \t --verbose -m 1 -- --schema some_schema

In spoon I use advanced setup and put this script into the entry box, then I have error regarding the option schema.
When I use quick setup I have error that the some_table was not found.
I realize this error when I use manual sqoop import in hue the same error because the schema was not defined

I think you must add functionality to add the schema from postgres connection.

BTW, I use PDI 6.0.0 and Hadoop CDH 5.4 and postgres 9.1

Fadjar Tandabawana