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Thread: Pentaho 6 repo password

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    Default Pentaho 6 repo password

    Pentaho 6 data integration installed.

    Mysql 5.5 database running on debian 8.2

    Created a database connection ok. ( Test connection connects)

    Created a repo ok (I think).

    When I try to connect to the repo using admin/password I get 'incorrect username or password' messages.

    I can see the R_USER table with the admin user and an encrypted password is in the mysql database.

    Any idea what I have done wrong? I can connect ok to mysql from the command line and inspect the pentaho repo database tables fine. Just cannot connect to the repo from spoon.

    Without connecting to the repo spoon runs successfully and looks functional. I can create transforms and jobs.

    Java version installed: 1.7.0_85

    Any advice/clues?



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    The default password should look like "Encrypted 2be98afc86aa7f2e4cb79ce71da9fa6d4" - or did you change and forget it?
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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    Thanks you, the user/password was admin/admin. J

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