I'm trying to get the BI Server to work on my Localhost.
After weeks of pain and tears the tomcat finally boots without any Exceptions and the User Console shows in my Browser.
I can look at the sample Data, Dashboards and everything.

The next Step would be for me to get some of my own sample Data into the DB.
I loaded a Very simple File into the Wizard for creating a Data Source.
When Finished it showed me That Error:

2015/11/12 23:22:35 - output.0 - Connected to database [Hibernate] (commit=1000)
23:22:37,843 ERROR [CsvTransformGenerator] Error Start: Pentaho Pentaho Open Source BA Server
23:22:37,848 ERROR [CsvTransformGenerator] ::: Error executing DDL
Couldn't execute SQL: CREATE TABLE "201511122322"
"Name" VARCHAR(10)
, "NachName" VARCHAR(9)
, "Geburtsdatum" VARCHAR()

unexpected token: ) : line: 5

How can it be that Pentaho creates SQL that the Database does not understand?!

My System as used:
Win10 Notebook / gerDE Locale
Java jdk1.7.0_80
Pentaho biserver-ce-
Database postgresql-9.4.5-1-windows-x64
Browser Chrome Version 46.0.2490.80 m