Hi all,
I'm a Kettle user from just 3 weeks and I'm starting with more complex exeperiments..
I have to build an ODS layer of datawarehouse and at moment I build a Job which contains n trasformations running in parallel.
Each one is responsible of the tables copy in ODS database. In detail, each transformation has to do following operations:
1 insert record in audit table that with some information about new execution starting
2 read data from ERP database
3 insert data in to ODS table
4 update record in audit table with other information about execution stopping
I need to know more information about how I can organize my project.

First, which is the difference between OpenErp object input e simple table input?
Can I share db connection among trasformations?
I use variables (job scope) but I'm not able to figure out which is the difference between arguments and named parameters.

Thanks to who can gives me a help!