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I am using windows, PDI-CE-6.0, Java 1.7 64 bit, MySQL-innoDB. i am facing performance issue to insert or update 5000000 of records in my target database. i am following below approaches, could you please suggest if another approach is there ??.

decreased Nr of rows in rowset from 10000 to 1000 and feedback size from 50000 to 5000 in .ktr settings. i hope it is good, is it right?

case 1 :Initially i was tried, Table input step ----> Insert/Update step , i can say it is suitable for minimal records.
case 2 : after that i was tried, Sync after merge with merge rows (diff) combination. , i can say better than case 1.
case 3 :after that i was tried, Table input step ----> Serialize to file then De serialize from file ---> Insert/Update step ., I can say excellent but as per PDI wiki it is not suitable for huge records. so we better to ignore this.
case 4 :after that i was tried, MySQL Bulk Loader, as per PDI wiki it is not available in MS Windows.

Can some one suggest me which steps are best to load huge/millions of records.
am i need to change my Amazon Cloud system configuration ?
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