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Thread: Document for RandomCommittee

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    Question Document for RandomCommittee

    Hi senior members and Mark.

    I'm a student computer science. I'm researching about ensemble in time series. I found that there are 2 learner in Weka, they had good accuracy. RandomForest and RandomCommittee.
    I found a reference for RandomForest in Weka "
    Leo Breiman (2001). Random Forests. Machine Learning. 45(1):5-32".
    But RandomCommittee which i cannot see document for it.

    My questions:
    references can i find for RandomCommittee(Papers, authors) ?
    I saw that multivariate forecasting is also applied in Weka in order to forecast multi series. where can i find references for multivariate forecasting which are implemented in weka ?

    Thanks for your help.

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    There is no reference for RandomCommittee - it's just a simple voted/averaged ensemble (using base classifiers that have an element of randomisation - i.e. can have a random seed set on them).

    The docs for the time series forecasting package in Weka have a link to Richard Darlington's web pages on time series forecasting with standard multiple linear regression. Weka takes this approach but can use any machine learning regressor.


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