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Thread: Search and Order a LOG

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    Unhappy Search and Order a LOG

    hello to all I have a problem, I tried to split and order a logfile but I can't because this logs some times change his structure for example this:

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    look that the first row has one more Row that the other. I tried with split fields because the ";" is the delimiter and works but when I order the records.
    don't match because the extra row on the previous record:

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    please help!

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    What would happen if you added a row number to the incoming data, and then used a split fields to rows (split on ; ) and then a split fields (split on = )

    I expect your data would then end up looking like:
    ROW | Type | Value

    You could then use a denormalizer step to convert it to:
    ROW | Codigo_Autorizacion | Final_Numero_Tarjeta
    1 | 665206 | 7212

    PS. You'll often get much further if you can post sample data (not screenshots) that the community can play with to try to get the output you want. We're curious people, and want to solve puzzles!

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