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Thread: spoon licence (apache licence) shoule we as company pay?

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    Default spoon licence (apache licence) shoule we as company pay?

    Hi All!

    I would like to ask you,

    should we as a company be paying any money according to the license under the link below?

    if you scroll a bit down, on the right side there is a 'License' section,

    when you click in, you are redirected to Apache License

    So according to this license, should we be obliged to pay any money?

    Only contributions (e.g. money) can be sent?

    Would be very glad if you could share some thoughts.


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    Pentaho software comes in two flavors - community edition (CE) and enterprise edition (EE).

    As an individual you are grateful for CE allowing you to learn about the fundamental features and even get some actual work done. Bugs are no problem for you since you can easily retrieve the source code, develop a patch, and finally give back to the community, thus helping to raise the overall quality.

    As an organization you prefer to have Pentaho support coming with EE, because you need priority bug fixes and probably can't wait for the community to help you out. As soon as you find Pentaho tools at the heart of your business it's only fair to support the further development of the tools by licensing EE, even if none of the support benefits seem to appeal to you.

    Just my 2¢
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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