I have a project where I need to read data from MongoDB. I have not worked with Mongo before so I set up a MongoDB server and did some testing using Spoon's MongoDB Input Step. I was able to easily read data from a collection in a test database and write it into a SQL database.

Because of security requirements, I enabled Authorization on the Mongo Database and added a user to access that database. Since I have enabled Authentication I have been unable to connect to the Mongo database although I am able to connect with several Mongo tools that I got off of the Internet.

My guess is that I somehow need to authenticate against the admin database and use the test database and its collections which I created. I have looked through this forum and on the Internet to see if there were any posts dealing with this problem. I cannot see any solutions although I see some previous post on this subject. Has anyone been able to connect to a secured Mongo Database using the MongoDB Input Step? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,
Steve Johnson

Java 1.7.0_51
Windows 7 Pro 64-bit
MongoDB 3.0.7