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Thread: Question about debugging jobs and transformation

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    Default Question about debugging jobs and transformation

    I have a question about debug a job.

    I have a job with 3 transformations. The dataset results of each transformation have to be passed to the next transformation.
    I used the step "copy rows to result" and "get rows from result" to connect the flow datasets between transformations.

    In order to test each transformations one by one, I use temporary files:
    tran1 -> make steps...write file1
    tran2 -> read file1 make steps write file2 ( I test it individually)
    tran3 -> read file2 make steps... ( I test it individually)

    Once tested each transformation I create the job and replace temporary files for ""copy/get rows to result"

    My problem now is if testing my job I have an error in a I test now this transformation individualy??,
    do I have to go back to the "temporary files"

    I would like to know the optimal way to test job and transformations.

    Any help, will be greatly appreciated,


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    I am doing the same.
    If I have issues in my data flow, I revert to text file.
    Not ideal but I can't think of anything different - apart from trying a preview?
    -- Mick --

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    I usually limit the number of records and add a step to Write to log.

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