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Thread: Is PDI 5.1 Community Version, stable ? or yet to be stable ?

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    Default Is PDI 5.1 Community Version, stable ? or yet to be stable ?


    Just a clarification,

    When I looked into the source forge website, it says just 5.1 download version for PDI (but not mentioned as stable). The versions before 5.1 in the list seems to be stable as they mentioned it.

    My question, Is 5.1 stable ?

    Correct me if I am wrong.
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    This has been asked and answered several times in the last few days on this forum.

    The -stable file naming was dropped several versions ago. The versions released on SourceForge are the CE Stable versions.
    the -stable in the naming indicated that it was not going through disruptive code changes.

    TL;DR: Yes, 5.1 and 6.0 are both stable releases. If you are starting fresh, start on 6.0

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    Yes i can agree with gutlez , currently i am working on 6.0 version and working fine but my only suggesition is better to use java 1.7 version instead of latest java 1.8 version.

    If i am correct few java 1.8 with kettle bugs were raised as well in Jira.

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