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Thread: REST Client can't get HTTPS (AppAnnie API KEY)

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    Default REST Client can't get HTTPS (AppAnnie API KEY)


    I'm trying to get connected using REST Client step, but AppAnnie only accepts HTTPS with a generated API KEY. None of the Tabs seems to offer such an option.

    I get result = {"code": 401, "error": "Unauthorized access"} as expected due to the lack of it.

    how can I configure REST Client Step to issue HTTPS or sending my generated API KEY using REST Step?

    Using following CURL on terminal shell worked ok. ("Bearer" is the Generated API key)

    curl -H "Authorization: Bearer ##########" "{account_id}/sales?break_down=product&start_date=yyyy-mm-dd&end_date=yyyy-mm-dd"

    Thanks in advance
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    I recently arrived to the pentaho world and I'm also trying to connect to appannie.

    Did you managed to connect to their API with kettle? Which step did you used?

    best regards,


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    hi fdoangulo

    i've used the REST client. For this component to properly work you have to pass all parameters from a previous step. Use a Data grid component with all your parameters.
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    Thank you!!!

    I managed to connect.

    I'll play with the rest of the fields to get all the data I need.

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    Ok, I have managed to login to the api and receive the JSON.

    My problem now it that I'm not being able to send the optional parameters (i.e break_down; start_date; end_date)

    Which URL have you setup in the URL fielt?

    I have tried with{account_id}/sales?break_down=${break_down}&start_date=${start_date}&end_date=${end_date} , but REST crashes.

    So I'm using{account_id}/sales, which does not send the parameters

    How are you "building" the url with the parameters?

    Thanks in advance
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