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Thread: Connection Type - Generic Database vs. Defined

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    Default Connection Type - Generic Database vs. Defined

    Hi everyone

    I need to get numbers from database(ORACLE) with decimal point set to ',' and space.
    I've added parameters in spoon.bat %PENTAHO_DI_JAVA_OPTIONS% "-Duser.language=pl" "-Duser.region=PL"

    And now, when i use connection type - Generic Database with custom URL it works fine and query returns comma in numbers, but when I use ORACLE connection type query still returns dot.
    I've compared "Feature List" of these two connections and noticed any differences - both of them created same URL and driver class(jdbcracle:thin:@<IP_ADDRESS>:1521:<SID>, oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver) other parameters also look the same.

    Could You tell me what is going on ?

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    Why do you need numbers returned with a decimal comma in Kettle? Are you writing them to a text file? If you need to output them as a string for whatever reason, you can make a Javascript or Java step and format the numbers with your selected locale.

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