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Thread: Column Value same throughout

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    Default Column Value same throughout

    Hi, I'm using PDI 5.2, while consolidating three .CSV files I'm facing a problem i.e there is a common column in all three files but the value is different and when I consolidate it, it shows me the same value the file attached below, in output console the column "Exp_Name" consist of same value throughout ,but in source it has different values.....
    the component I had used is TextInputFile--->Add Constant------>Calculator
    please help me with this....
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    Since you've only shown us the output, we can only guess as to the cause.
    Pasting images here really isn't all that helpful, because they get resized, and become unreadable.

    Post the actual transform, and we might have more insight.

    My initial guess is that you're adding the Exp_Name in the Add Constant step, which does exactly what it says it does... Adds a constant value.

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    Hey Thanks gutlez for your help, but in Add Constant step I had set only "Substance" & "Nature" column as a constant value , the "Exp_Name" column has different value in each of the files. plz assist ....
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    Post your transform, and a sample input file (it doesn't need to be real data, just conforms to the real data requirements)
    There is NOTHING we can do with what you have provided so far.

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