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Thread: SOAP 1.2 via Javascript and POST

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    Default SOAP 1.2 via Javascript and POST

    I am able to log into a web service using SOAP 1.2 by building the request via Javascript and using variable injection for the credentials.
    I am able to obtain what appears to be a valid session number and session password, but unable to make any of their vast array of function calls retrieve data using those credentials.
    I keep getting "invalid session" errors after every call.

    After some research, It appears this has something to do with end point authentication or user authentication.
    In the case of the former, do I need to specify a URL in the header of the request ?
    Right now I have nothing in there as SOAPAction is not required for SOAP 1.2 whereas it was required for 1.1.

    Any help greatly appreciated.

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    I discovered their SOAP Service goes down often on their test servers....thus the invalid session return.
    However, another issue has arisen: After a successful call,
    I cannot get the large RESPONSE field into a file where the XML can be parsed....the AppendToFile method failed miserably in a Javascript transform step.
    I would like to know what other methods are available to the XML object in Javascript so I can do the parsing one record at a time.

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