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Thread: Data is not loading into all jobs

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    Default Data is not loading into all jobs

    Hi Sir,Madam,

    Java 1.7, PDI-CE-6.0, MySQL database, windows 8.
    I am facing data loading issue while running etl's using my.bat file but when i run using spoon GUI tool(i.e start button in spoon) then loading all jobs data. please tell me what i am doing wrong here.

    Issue is facing while running all jobs but when i run individual jobs then it is working.

    in the attached snap shot data is loading upto Job , Job 2,Job 3 but not to the Job 4, still i am trying to understand why it is not loading.
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    my.bat file
    cd /d "D:\data-integration\"
    for /F "tokens=2-4 delims=/ " %%i in ('date /t') do set yyyymmdd=%%k%%i%%j
    call Kitchen.bat /file:\PDI\Plat\ROOT.kjb /level:basic -logfile=D:\data-integration\LOGS\ETL_JOB_%yyyymmdd%_%hhmm%.log

    Thanks in advance
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    in above process i am using truncate table step. in that i am trying to delete 2 two tables, when truncate table step executes successfully 1st table data deleted but not 2nd table.

    when i googled about truncate table step in pentaho wiki, said about existence issue : still issues exist with this step??

    I have observed another scenario i.e when i use Execute sql script step instead of Truncate table step then also facing same issue. Please suggest me better approach.

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    Since job 4 is not executed, means there is an error in job 3.
    But without knowing what you do precisely in each job, we cannot
    give you much help.

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