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Thread: Unable to fetch result from ''Get rows from result'' step

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    Default Unable to fetch result from ''Get rows from result'' step

    I am a noob to some Pentaho steps and one of these is using Transformation Executor. I am using it to call a child transformation in which I fetch some rows from the table, sort it and return them to the parent transformation using Copy rows to result. At the parent side, I attach get Rows from result step. However, I get no data from the child executor. I am attaching the parent and child transformations. Can anyone throw some light on this?
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    I have exactly the same problem. If I take a Job which calls 2 Transformations, where Transformation 2 shall work on the results from Transformation 1, it works fine (using Copy Results to row and Get Rows from result).
    If a (new) Transformation (instead of Job) runs the same 2 transformations, Transformation 2 does not get the result rows.

    Tested under 5.0.1 and 5.4.0



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