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Thread: Janino Compile Exception : UDJC

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    Default Janino Compile Exception : UDJC


    Thanks in advance for your support.

    In UDJC, the following code gives me Janino exception,

    In processRow method

    Hashtable hastable=getConfigData() // This method return Hashtable

    Set set=hashtable.get("ERROR_2001").keySet(); ---> //hashtable.get("ERROR_2001"), This returns another hashtable

    A method named "keySet" is not declared in any enclosing class nor any supertype, nor through a static import

    In forums I could not find the turn around solution to fix this. I am using JDK 1.7 and PDI 5.1 (latest download)
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    I resolved the problem but could not get find proper explanation,

    public List loadStatusItems(String p_StatusItems)
    StringTokenizer strTokenizer=null;
    List statusCheckItems=new ArrayList();
    strTokenizer=new StringTokenizer(p_StatusItems, ",");
    while (strTokenizer.hasMoreTokens())
    statusCheckItems.add(strTokenizer.hasToken()); --> This line gives the exception

    String p_TempStr=strTokenizer.hasToken(); --> This line does not give any exception.
    catch(Exception exception)

    Is it something that Janino does not understand the former line than later one

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    I think the method is nextToken(), not hasToken().

    Generally in the UDJC the janino compiler dont understand every stuffs of java, mainly only java5.
    So it dont understand Generic types (ArrayMap<String> for exemple) so some time you have to explicitly
    type cast the returned value of some functions

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