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Thread: How to upgrade JAVA for Pentaho Business Analytics 4.8.1 x64.

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    Default How to upgrade JAVA for Pentaho Business Analytics 4.8.1 x64.


    We are using Pentaho Business Analytics 4.8.1 suite. I am using PDI & Report designer from this suite. In the folder ~/pentaho/java/, I checked the version, it has 1.6 version.

    I have a job, which is created on the different machine, in that job, i have to use the HTTP step to download a json file from a web service. Which is giving me error.

    I have figured out that if I upgrade the java version, it works fine. So, I changed the PENTAHO_JAVA_HOME environment variable to the latest version.

    But due to this change, my other transformations giving me error;

    Error: dispatching started for transformation....

    I would appreciate, if there is solution that I can use the latest version of JAVA with my old version of Pentaho. If yes, is there any file to update?


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    Normally everything should be fine with Java 7 and Pentaho 4.8. I had PDI 3.2 working well on java 7, so should 4.8 too.
    But dont use java 8.

    Maybe you need to define the JAVA_HOME env. variable too.
    And check that you install x64 java on your x64 system.

    If your new transformations works, there is no reasons the old dont!

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