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Thread: Access to MS sql server in linux

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    Default Access to MS sql server in linux

    I am trying to run a transformation that reads a MS sql server data base. Connection done with jdbc
    The MS sql server database is in a server belonging to my local domaind
    When i run the transformation in my laptop (windows 7 logged in to the domain) there is no problem. Tried with spoon and with pan. In both everything is ok.
    When i upload the transformation to a linux server, in the same lan (debian) and run with pan, I get this error:
    2015/12/11 15:49:38 - Cliente-Primavera.0 - Error connecting to database: (using class net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.Driver)
    2015/12/11 15:49:38 - Cliente-Primavera.0 - Unknown server host name 'EDIDBS'.
    2015/12/11 15:49:38 - Cliente-Primavera.0 - ERROR (version, build 1 from 2015-06-14_12-34-55 by buildguy) : Erro inicializando step [Cliente-Primave ra]
    [EDIDBS] is the name of the MS sql server.
    I am using PDI
    Any suggestions?

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    Sort out your name resolution issues. Your linux box can't convert EDIDBS into an IP address which is needed to talk to the MS SQL server

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    Thank you. I replaced the server name with its IP address and everything workerd.

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