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Thread: Composite partition key in Cassandra output

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    Default Composite partition key in Cassandra output

    I am trying to take some data out of Oracle and into Cassandra using Pentaho DI (Version: 6.0). Everything works fine if i use a partition key with a single column.
    But I need to use a composite partition key:
    ((field1, field2, field3), field4)

    I have tried to enter this with brackets in the "Incoming fields to use as the key" field in the Write Options tab but that doesnt work. Tried some more options but to no avail. I also keep the "Use CQL version 3" option selected.
    Is this possible and if so how.


    I also found the following issue which has been fixed in 5.0 GA -

    It states: "New CQL 3 mode allows the user to specify a compound key where the partition element can be either a single field or a composite."

    So looks like I can do this but there is no help on how to define it. Also looking at the code it seems to be parsing only for commas so still dont know how to distinguish between the multiple fields of partition key and the clustering columns.
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    Figured it myself. There isn't proper documentation making this difficult.
    In any case the solution is to put the Create table query in the "CQL to execute before inserting first row" under the Schema Options tab.

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