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Thread: Split rows into different streams based on grouping attribute

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    Default Split rows into different streams based on grouping attribute

    I have different employees and their department ID's. I have sorted them based on their department ID's and now I want to split the employees with same department ID's into different streams. Can anyone suggest me how to achieve that?

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    Switch/Case is the name of a step that could be helpful.
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    Yeah, 'Switch case' is feasible if I know the department ID's in advance. But if there are large number of department ID's say 40-50, using that step becomes slightly cumbersome because I have to specify of the values of 40-50 Department ID's in the case step. Is there any way like 'split the stream based on grouping attribute' without specifying the values of grouping attribute?

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    Not on top of my head, but you can create multiple files based on a field content.
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