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Thread: Web Services Lookup Problem

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    Question Web Services Lookup Problem

    Hi! I have tried everything I know to parse, for example, input values by using the Web Services Lookup step to no avail. First, checking if our web services is working, I have loaded the WSDL URL to an application called SoapUI (v.5.2.1).

    URL looks like:
    I have attached the content the wsdl here -- publishEvent_webservice.txt (you can rename to .wsdl)

    In the WSDL file, I just have to parse each a value to the following fields:
    1. eventName
    2. customerId
    3. accountId

    As far as I understand, the web service is there "waiting" to receive the values and will do stuffs upon receiving them.

    See sample in the KTR file attached.

    The transformation ran successfully, and when previewing the XML output file I got nothing. I only need EVENTNAME=Whatever, customerId=1, accountId=1 to be parsed to the web service. What do I have to do to get this right?

    Any help? Thanks!
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    Any help on this? Please let me know if more information/data is required for clarification and I will do what I can.

    I guess the question is:
    1. Can the Web Service Lookup step be used to parse values into the web service? I am guessing the answer is in the affirmative as shown in the example -- Web services lookup - convert degrees Celsius to Farenheit.ktr.
    2. If yes, how to do that?

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    At least let me know something even if it is not helpful?

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