v5.4.0, EE

I have implemented a DynamicSchemaProcessor that extends pentaho FilterDynamicSchemaProcessor, following the documentation here:

To make use of the DSP, a 'DynamicSchemaProcessor' property has been added manually to Pentaho Analysis data source in the pentaho user console:
pentaho user console > Manage Data Sources > Select data source > [gear-symbol] > add parameter

This analysis datasource was also added through the user console.

The DSP is working as expected, using my new class.

However, if I re publish my mondrian schema, using schema workbench, the 'DynamicSchemaProcessor ' property in user console datasource gets dropped and I have to add it manually.
The property is retained after logging off, restarting services etc. It only goes missing when the schema is published.

Is there a properties file somewhere in 'pentaho-solutions' that I need to update to retain the parameter on the data source?