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Thread: Big problems about saving transformations

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    Exclamation Big problems about saving transformations

    Hi all,

    i have a BIG problem with my saved and backuped Pentaho transformation files.

    I have worked on my transformations for several weeks now and saved my progress all the time by clicking on the save icon in the designer. When the work is done i usually close the PDI designer. Additionally i have made backup copies of all my transformation files regularly by copying the complete transformation folder.

    Today i was in need of using one transformation from the backup and restored it.

    The first shock: The restored transformation was a very old version of my work, so all the changes up to the backup date are not available in the backup file!

    I then checked my transformation and backup folders and the second shock: All the modification dates of all my actual and copied transformation files are the same!

    It seems that saving my transformations looks ok in the PDI designer, but never updated the transformation files.

    But how is this possible? Is PDI using a chache for transformations in progress?

    Any help appreciated,


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    Spoon seems to open and save your KTR and KJB files to a file repository, that doesn't point to the folder you used for backup and restore.

    Pick a single KTR file and scan your filesystem for it.
    You might find multiple places with different timestamps.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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