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Thread: Problem to download multiple images and getting the HASH code of them

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    Default Problem to download multiple images and getting the HASH code of them

    Dear All,

    I need to do the following:
    Step1: From CSV input get the URL field that has ‘HTTP’ links, to down images to some folder.
    Step2: once they are downloaded get the HASH code of the images
    Step3: rename the images in the folder with the HASH code value
    Step4: remove the Duplicates images in the folder based on the hash code.

    For step1, I have tried this following:
    But this option has got lot of limitations:

    • it has problem when the one of the rows does not have URL link provided
    • It can only name the files based on the filename (with other variable it Is not working good)

    Step2: Here I am using calculator with SHA1.
    Step3: here I have to rename the IMAGE (files) that are downloaded in the STEP1 with the HASH code from step2.

    What is the optimal way to combine steps1, step2 to 3?
    Can someone suggest some ways?

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    How is this request different than the two other threads that you've opened on this?
    At least one of the other threads has answers for parts of this.

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    Hallo Gutlez,
    the major issue I am facing in this whole scenario is: how to download multiple images from HTTP request? I have to get the input for this multipledownload from other transformations. is it possbile to integrate these to steps?

    if yes, how?

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    The answer to that is in the 4th thread you've started on the same topic.
    Each question relating to part of the work that you're trying to do doesn't need its own thread, you can ask us to help with the whole thing in one thread.

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