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Thread: Design transformation based on XSD

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    Default Design transformation based on XSD


    I've only XSD schema definition, no XML data. How to import XSDs for Input / Output ?

    Thans a lot in advance,


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    Huu i don't understand what you're trying to do..?
    If you want to read the content of XSD file, this is just an xml file so you can read
    it with xml input.

    If you want to generate a transformation wich can read data from XML that validates with respect to the XSD
    file..... this starts to be tricky!

    Moreover, XSD just define the structure of XML and restricted permitted data, but you still have to define where
    the data should go in the pdi flow....

    1. Build an xml file by hand wich respects the XSD
    2. Desogn a transformation wich reads from this XML sample file.
    3. Create a job wih 2 entries:
    - first validate XML files with XSD
    - then read valid xml files with your transformation
    - finally deal with not valid files

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    Default ETL instead UML

    Hi Mathias,

    thanks a lot for your effort for the fast response !

    The whole story:

    My task is not really an ETL-Task, but an ETL tool could help me for analysis and design.

    There is two systems with an interface and one of the system anf their interface will be replaced as follows:

    1. There is two systems sysA and sysB
    2. SysB offfers an interface (ifB) to store and read some data in and from sysB
    3. sysA uses the interface ifB and holds data (ifdataB) for using ifB
    4. sysB will replaced by sysC
    5. infB will be replaced by ifC
    6. ifdataB will be replaced by ifdataC

    The tasks is, to map:

    1. the operations, attributes between ifB and ifC
    2. the attributes between ifdataB and ifdataC

    The task is pure conceptional on a high level. Because UML doesn't offer analysis on the attribute level, I decided to use an ETL tool.

    Warm regards,


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