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Thread: Incrementally train an associator Using weka

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    Question Incrementally train an associator Using weka

    how do you incrementally train an Associator from Weka knowledge flow ?

    I have 100 transactions and want to train incrementally using Association rule mining algorithms . I read so many Weka guidelines about the Knowledge flow, all of them are explaining on how to train a classifier from knowledge flow and couldn't helped me . I need a suggestion how can I do that .

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    There are no incremental association rule mining algorithms in Weka I'm afraid. FPGrowth has a command-line only option (-disk) that allows data to be processed one instance at a time off of disk, instead of loading into main memory. This is not exactly an incremental mode as it requires two passes over the data to build the FP tree, but it is the closest that Weka has.


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