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Thread: Looping Job Entries -- they retain "Log Text" of all previous loops

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    Default Looping Job Entries -- they retain "Log Text" of all previous loops

    Hi there--

    I have a job that may loop a certain job entry 5-6 times. Then a SQL step writes the "previous_result.getLogText()" to a database.

    The issue is that this job entry retains all previous times it was run within its internal log.

    So the first time it's run, it will write its log to the database.

    The second time, the variable "previous_result.GetLogText()" will contain the 1st and 2nd run of the step. And so on, and so forth. So the Log Text becomes exponentially longer, and heavily redundant.

    One way around this is that, oddly enough, if I double click the job entry and modify it's "log settings" -- aka its generated log FILE (as opposed to variable) --- the log FILE only contains the actual log (not combined with all previous).

    It's a bit of an annoying work around though. Is there any way to 'clear' the running log text of a job entry at some point? I'm confused at this behavior.

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    In Job , you can specify Log table, which will store log details of all job running with unique batch id.
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