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Thread: Questions for executing a Spoon Job from Java

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    Default Questions for executing a Spoon Job from Java

    I have a Spoon Job with some plugins in it. However, when I execute the job from Java, those steps written as a plugin are not executed.

    But I can run the Job in Spoon pdi-ce- successfully and Kitchen.bat as well

    It seems to me that the plugin sources cannot be loaded so I want to ask where I should put the plugin source if I execute them in Java. For running in pdi, I know I can put them under the plugin folder.

    Thanks a lot~

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    Never mind, I have found the way to do it eventually

    Probably I would share my way here so others facing the same problem may resolve this in a faster way ( I am using pdi-ce-
    1. StepPluginType.getInstance().getPluginFolders(); // This can get where the plugins are loaded for step plugin, similiarly, //JobEntryPluginType.getInstance().getPluginFolders(); SpoonPluginType.getInstance().getPluginFolders(); are also available

    2. Then you will notice that the step plugins would check the following directory automatically
    C:\User\{{your user name}}\.kettle\plugins
    C:\Users\{{your user name}}\.kettle\plugins\steps

    3. Put the plugin folder into one of the folders above, e.g. I put under plugins\steps so it can have a better folder organisation

    Tips: remember to include scannotation-1.0.2.jar in the lib of your project

    I hope this can help~

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