Hi there --

I have been using a simple REST API "get" call with 'Authentication' HTTP Login: (myUsername) HTTP: Password (MyPassword).

It's a web-based application API that uses SSL --- in this case I'm using an API token. Not sure if that's relevant.

Long story short, I'm loading webpages of JSON data that requires a username/ password.

The application is Zendesk and more technical information is available here: https://developer.zendesk.com/rest_a...e/introduction

Historically, (for the past 11 months) --- loading these pages with the Pentaho 'REST API' step has taken 2-6 seconds.

Recently, it is NOW taking 20-40 seconds to load the JSON pages (their sizes have not increased if you suspect that).

You might suspect that this 3rd party application "Zendesk" suddenly has overburdened servers perhaps. However, I've noticed that when trying to load these JSON pages via the web browser (Chrome) -- the load time is still about 4-6 seconds. So what gives? Is there a faster way I can load web-based JSON docs into Spoon?