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Thread: Who am I? (PDI processes and Active Directory)

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    Question Who am I? (PDI processes and Active Directory)

    Hi all,

    PDI Noob here with a question...

    Short Version: If a user runs a transformation on a Windows server, can it be made to run under that user's Active Directory account? (Please say "yes"). If not, how can a transformation tell who launched it?

    Long Version: Real Soon Now we will have a shiny new PDI server on Windows integrated with Active Directory.
    But I am not yet sure what "integrated" will turn out to mean. I am hoping it will mean:

    • Nobody has to explicitly provide any credentials when running a transformation on the server (or have them baked into a .ktr file / set in an environment variable etc);
    • The transformations will run under my account not some system account;
    • If my transformation connects to SQL Server using Integrated Security, my credentials will be used;

    Is that how things work?
    If it isn't, is there at least a way a transformation can tell who launched it so this information can be passed to a service?


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    If a user runs a PDI transformation interactively, then the process will run under that user's account. If you want to run a PDI transformation in a Windows job, or under a service, then you need to configure the Windows job or service to run under the account that you want.

    You will also need to configure your JDBC connection to use Windows authentication. I don't use SQL Server with PDI, so I don't have details for that.

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