Sorry if this reads a bit like "There's a hole in my Bucket".

I'm running PDI v 6.0.

I am having trouble streaming data into and out of a transformation generated by the ETL Metadata Injection step.

So I went to the Help page, but it looks like it is out of date: "Streaming source step" and "Streaming target step" are missing, and I think "Template step to read form (optional) might be a new name for "Source step to read from (optional)?.

So I tried to post a comment on the help page, or maybe even update the page itself, but I couldn't log in.

So I tried to register as a user on the wiki, but I couldn't find anywhere to register.

So I thought I would post a query about that on the "Documentation" forum, but it's in the graveyard.

So I'm posting here.

Is there anywhere where the ETL metadata injection step -- and particularly the streaming fields -- is documented?