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Thread: strange issue with the Postgres Bulk Loader

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    Default strange issue with the Postgres Bulk Loader

    Hi, we have the following issue.
    We have an Amazon instance with Postgres 9.3 and PDI 6, and we want to run a simple transformation that loads data into a table in Postgres.

    When we run the ktr with Pan in the server, the process starts and then we are prompt for the Postgres password. After we type the password, the ktr continues and ends without error.

    The same ktr against the same Postgres instance runs without problem from a local machine: Ubuntu 14.0.4. There is no need to enter the password manually, which is the expected behavior.
    Also, replacing the Bulk Loader with a Table Output works fine in the server, but we don't want this as a solution.

    Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Others here have had questions about the Postgres Bulk Loader, and I've responded to several of them:

    Make sure your pgpass file is set up correctly on the server where you want to run the transformation. The pgpass file is documented here:

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