Dear all,

I just started evaluating Pentaho and was setting up an authentication step using REST Client. It does work - but I noticed I will need at minimum one record as input step before the REST Client does perform any action?!

The data source itself has a login method which does return a session ID which needs to be used for further queries (send as header field in REST Client). At the end of the transformation a logout request is sent to the RPC interface to close the session.

The process should do:
  1. perform a session login based on session Variables (user/password for htaccess authentication)
  2. retrieve the session ID returned from the JSON response
  3. do the real data lookup... -> return resultset from the JSON query and transform across further steps
  4. perform a session logout

The problem I see is that login/logout information does not quite need to be a record in the data...?
Hopefully someone can help me understanding what is the right approach to be used.

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