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Thread: Log connection and Log table name auto-insert bad values

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    Default Log connection and Log table name auto-insert bad values

    I'm using the Kettle repository to store my transformations and jobs. In my file I have the definition of my logging variables connection, such as:

    In the Transformation properties, Logging tab, the fields are left empty since they should search, by default, the variables in my properties file.
    When I close the transformation and open it again, it loads the DB Name directly in the connection and table name, for no reason at all:

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    So, clearly, if I try to run the transformation, it'll pop up an error saying it can't find the table VM1 - PENTAHO_LOG - DYN.
    It only adds the connection name to "Log connection" and "Log table name" in the Transformation option, if you go into Step, Performance, Logging channels and Metrics they'll continue empty.

    This also happens with a job, but in this case it will only insert the option in the Log Connection (not in the table name, thus not causing an error when running in the auto-set environment) for the Job log table option.

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    I'm not sure if I should report this as a bug, since if it's actually one I believe it would be affecting a lot more people than only myself. Am I doing something wrong?
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    Quick update: by using the variables directly on the field boxes (e.g. ${KETTLE_TRANS_LOG_DB}) everything works fine. But I still think this is a bug, since ideally they should be left blank and Kettle be able to find the parameters in the properties file.
    This would add an enormous amount of work by going into every transformation/job and adding the variables to these fields.

    Also, the tool-tip of these fields suggest that I can leave them blank, e.g.: "The name of the logging connection to use, can also be specified as a variable. You can also specify a default value using variable KETTLE_TRANS_LOG_DB."

    Exploring the bug and the pattern, I found a way to avoid this behavior. I've created a JIRA to see if someone can solve the issue. It's clear to me that this is a bug.
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