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Thread: Delete in a previous script of a data load to fact table

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    Default Delete in a previous script of a data load to fact table


    I am doing an ETL process to load a fact table. Before to the insert in the fact table I need to do a delete like this:

    DELETE FROM.......WHERE SALES_DATE >= ${v_start_p_date} AND SALES_DATE >= ${v_end_p_date}

    I am doing the delete in a "Execute SQL script " step and the load in a "BBDD output table" step
    I want to know if there is any way to do the delete into the BBDD table load step. I mean the typical pre-SQL script of a table loader step. Does exists something like that in Pentaho DI?

    Thanks in advance.

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    instead of that you can use delete step to delete data in fact table.

    Table input --> Delete

    in table indput , you can write your extraction id or key based on that you can delete..

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    You could use a Delete step, but that would run in parallel with the Table Output.
    You could use the Truncate Table option on the Table Output step, but that won't limit it to just the date ranges that you are looking for.

    The way you are doing it is actually the clearest way to for someone else to understand what you are doing, and why, for future maintainability.

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