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Thread: Cant Run Kitchen.bat

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    Default Cant Run Kitchen.bat


    I want to ask something.
    I put my kitchen.bat file in the "C:\Kettle\Kitchen.bat". Sadly I cant run kitchen.bat unless my command prompt in the kitchen.bat folder.

    This is the message
    C:\Users>C:\kettle\kitchen.bat /file:"Q:\80000 - Forecasting\89999 - Kettle\fcpost-facialskincare.kjb"

    WARNING: Using java from path
    DEBUG: _PENTAHO_JAVA=java.exe
    The system cannot find the path specified.
    The system cannot find the path specified.

    C:\Users>"java.exe" "-Xms1024m" "-Xmx2048m" "-XX:MaxPermSize=256m" "-Dhttps.protocols=TLSv1,TLSv1.1,TLSv1.2" "-Djava.library.path=libswt\win64" "-DKETTLE_HOME=" "-DKETTLE_REPOSITORY=" "-DKETTLE_USER=" "-DKETTLE_PASSWORD=" "-DKETTLE_PLUGIN_PACKAGES=" "-DKETTLE_LOG_SIZE_LIMIT=" "-DKETTLE_JNDI_ROOT=" -jar launcher\pentaho-application-launcher- -lib ..\libswt\win64 -main /file:"Q:\80000 - Forecasting\89999 - Kettle\fcpost-facialskincare.kjb"
    Error: Unable to access jarfile launcher\pentaho-application-launcher-
    but when i am in the kettle folder, i can run kichen.bat properly. So i have to go to kettle folder and run kitchen.bat /file:"bla bla bla.kjb"

    Can someone helpme?
    thanks n sorry for my bad english, i hope you know what i mean.

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    ive found the solution into my problem.

    i run this command
    cmd /c "cd C:\kettle\ && kitchen.bat /file:"bla bla bla.kjb""

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