Hi all,

I'm trying to customize the user home that is displayed when a user logs into pentaho 6.
Starting from the article http://blog.oncase.com.br/pentaho-6-...#disqus_thread (that I tested exactly as it is and it worked well)

I'd like to add a new Menu in the toolbar and hide the existing one as well.
I read that this could be done using XUL Overlays.

Looking at the bluprint.xml file I notice that the candidate section is the one mapped in the class StaticPerspective
that is:

privateArrayList<XulOverlay> overlays;
this means that in the blueprint.xml file we're going to use:

<property name="overlays">
       //here the xml code for the overlays
Please, does anyone know which is the right code to define an XUL Overlay array in order to display a Menu on the toolbar?

Thank you so much for the support.