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Thread: Reading a multiline field from AR Input

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    Default Reading a multiline field from AR Input

    Hello Pentaho Community,

    I encounter a problem when I try to read an AR form with a field with multiple lines within.
    It looks like that on the form :

    Site: Place ThePlace
    InstanceId: OI-randomchars
    Room: R1 RM34
    When I read this field on Pentaho, no matter which step I use, like regex manipulation, javascript or row operations... nothing works !
    My output is a text file with semicolon separator and when convert on Excel, it scrambles the results and is inexploitable.
    If I use an Excel file as output, it does good, but when I use it as input, it does the same bad thing.

    Is there by any chance an explanation to how exploit this multiple line field ?
    Or maybe Pentaho is not made to do such things ?

    I have tried lot of things and nothing worked so far.
    Thanks in advance for all the consideration about this.

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    I reply to myself as noone did :
    I used a JavaScript script to split the lines : var lines = Log.split("\n");
    ...and then worked on this new variable.

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