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Thread: How to add a "pause" in the next line in spoon.bat

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    Default How to add a "pause" in the next line in spoon.bat

    Dear all,

    I'm kind of new to this Pentaho Kettle. I would be appreciate if you guys can help me on how to setup the spoon.bat file.

    I'm found that says:

    When I start Spoon.bat in a Windows environment nothing happens. How can I solve it?

    Edit the Spoon.bat file and:

    • Replace in the last line "start javaw" with only "java".
    • Add a "pause" in the next line.
    • Save and try it again.

    I would like to know what is the script to add the "pause" in the next line.

    Enclosed herewith is the screenshot of my spoon.bat script that i've change from javaw to java.

    Hope to hear from you guys soon.

    Thank you.

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    What is it what you want to achieve?
    The 2 lines you mentioned only set the variable when you start PDI with SpoonConsole.bat or SpoonDebug.bat. Not when you start spoon.bat.
    When you places a "pause" in the script the execution of the script will stop at that point till you hit a key.

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