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Thread: Pentaho installation and documentation

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    Default Pentaho installation and documentation

    I'm trying to get the new biserver-ce-6.0 working on my fresh installed ubuntu server. The problem is that i'm not finding any "installation guide" on the site (i guess i'm not "browsing capable").
    So I followed the guide at this url:
    I was hoping that even if a little bit old, the guide could be valid.
    Guess what? Didn't worked ofc.

    Pentaho seems to start without errors (in ssh console there are no errors) and going to the pentaho url i have the login screen.
    If i try to login, though, i have some popups with some obscure strings like "filestooblar begin" and the like and even an "invalid login" message.

    as said, im on Ubuntu, 15.10 with biserver 6.0.1

    Any idea?

    Edit: I'm using the admin/password credentials as i just unziped the installation package and launched the script
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    This might be a good place to start if you haven't had a chance to look at it yet:

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    Read some documentation, thanks for the link. In fact, the documentation talk about some installation binary or installation script... but my packaging (community edition) doesn't have any installation executable. I'm sure i'm missing something here.

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    Installation of BIServer CE Pre-Configured Install:

    1) Download (and check checksum) BIserver Zip file
    2) Unzip file in a base directory
    3) Ensure JAVA is installed
    4) Ensure $JAVA_HOME is set correctly
    5) cd to BIServer install directory
    6) run ./

    I have not had any issue on any Linux plant when following the above steps.

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    Got it.
    The problem must have been related to some weird cache issue of Mozilla FF. In the login page i just hit CTRL+R and the home of pentaho just worked like a charm.
    Thanks for the support.

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