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Thread: Line chart : Additional value in tooltip

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    Default Line chart : Additional value in tooltip

    Hello all,

    I have a line chart which display 1 line with percentage month by month. I calcul this value in a sql query.
    I woul like to display more informations than the basic displayed by the tooltip, for exemple the value used to calculate percentage :

    SQL : Select month, (A*100/B) as C

    Tooltip currently result : * Series : C
    * Month : month
    * Value : c

    Tooltip expected result : * Series : C
    * Month : month
    * Value : c, a

    How can i do that ? I did research with the modification of the tooltip format, the mapping of dimensions, the ccc readers, without success...

    Thank you for your help.
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    First, make the additional data available as a CCC dimension, by reading it from the data source.
    Then, either the default tooltip — that displays all dimensions' values — is acceptable, or you need to create your own using tooltipFormat.

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