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Thread: How to run Weka faster?

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    Default How to run Weka faster?

    Hello all,
    I am running Weka (3.7.12) on MacBook Pro with 16 GB Ram. I am running attribute selection with Wrapper method using Random Forest. My dataset has 19 features only and 100580 instances. I changed info.plist and increased the memory to be used as:
    <string>-Xmx8192M</string> (I can put more RAM if that helps)
    But the wrapper method takes forever to run. Is there any way to make it run faster?

    Thanks for any help.


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    Try limiting the depth of the trees that Random forest is generating. The default is unlimited depth - actually limited by a min number of instances at the leaves, but in your case (assuming numeric attributes) this could generate really big trees. You could also limit the number of trees learned. Note that wrapper subset evaluation is fairly slow, due to the fact that a repeated 5-fold cross validation is used internally on the training data in order to evaluate the merit of individual subsets.

    Also, if you are using Weka 3.7 then RandomForest has an option to run in multiple threads.

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