Hi All,

I am a Java developer of 20 years and I am having a hard time building Pentaho 6. Out of the box, I get dozens of unsatisfied link errors. After a lot of manually trying to fiddle with the Ivy and IvySettings files, I can get it down to about 13 dependency and link errors..

Is there a recommended build that I should start with? I tried working with Pentaho, but happy to use another repo. Or another IDE or whatever it takes.

Attached is a screenshot of my workspace showing the build errors.

My goal is to build the bi-server from source.. and see if I can understand the repository synching to allow using git to sync files. (I looked into using IvyGS, but it isn't compatible with Pentaho 6). I also have a few ideas for other marketplace plug-ins that might be useful.

I will try some other versions to see if that helps.. but wanted to see if anyone had any good ideas.

- Brad
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