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Thread: IUserRoleListService get all users never called

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    Default IUserRoleListService get all users never called

    Hi to all,
    im facing up to the integration of Pentaho authentication mechanism with the my enterprise one.
    Making reference to Pentaho Guidelines, i have built a CustomAuthenticationProvider querying my users database in order to perform authentication.

    The main services i have dealt with are:
    UserDetailsService interface
    IUserRoleListService interface

    The second one is responsible to handle all the functionalities related to users, roles, and user-roles mapping. But there is a problem:
    While roles related methods like:
    public List<String> getAllRoles() or public List<String> getRolesForUser(ITenant tenant, String username)

    are correctly invoked (returning al the Klopotek roles), this doesn’t seem to happen with all methods relating to users, such us:
    public List<String> getAllUsers()

    which are never invoked instead.

    I thought these methods were designated to the users list loading together with all the informations displayed inside the Users&Roles Pentaho Console page.
    But what i get, as final result is that there are listed just the default existent users: Admin,Pat,Suzy,Tiffany.

    Where am i wrong? Is there some configuration setting missed inside the spring security context?
    Really thanks.

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    I think that's by design. We never try to get all users from an external authentication provider.

    For some cases, getting all users could mean bringing in thousands of users.
    Pedro Vale
    CTools Product Development

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