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Thread: Line Breaking in Line Chart

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    Default Line Breaking in Line Chart

    Hi All,

    I am new to pentaho dashboard.
    I am creating line chart but the lines in this chart is breaking.
    I mean i am not getting consistent lines.
    Chart created using pentaho:
    Name:  getting.PNG
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    I don't know what might be the reason of it.
    does anyone know how can i get consistent lines?
    Chart Required:
    Name:  required.PNG
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Size:  10.0 KB
    Thank you
    Preeti Agrawal

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    Your line chart is breaking because your data points are not contiguous regarding the x-axis scale.

    Maybe switching on the interpolation function will help because that'll give you a continuous line. Search for it in the forum, it should be simple to find examples.
    Pedro Vale
    CTools Product Development

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    Thank you for reply @pamval

    According to your suggestion. I searched for interpolation function and i did find '
    nullInterpolationMode' and i set it as linear. And now i am getting this chart
    Name:  1.PNG
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    Now it is not exactly what i wanted, but its better than before.
    is there any way we can convert these dotted line into solid lines.
    Thank you
    Preeti Agrawal

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    Thank you for reply @pamval
    Its done. Using extension point -
    line_strokeDasharray: "none"
    and now i got what i wanted.

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    Hi Preeti,
    If i want to make this line_strokeDasharray: "-" specific only for specific series.. like only for Plot2 Series. how can i acheive it?

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